On 19 November 2021, the Heritage Connector project held a one-day hackathon in partnership with Cogapp.

The hackathon explored creative use of the project’s knowledge graph and related APIs to develop new forms of user interface and audience engagement.

The following list provides details of the projects developed at the hackathon:

The hackathon projects were presented at the project’s final webinar on 3 December 2021.

Thanks to Cogapp for hosting the day and to all the participants:

  • Alex Morrison
  • Ben Rubinstein
  • Grant Cieciura
  • Iain Bean
  • James Waterfield
  • Jamie Unwin
  • John Stack
  • Kalyan Dutia
  • Luke Watson-Davis
  • Neil Hawkins
  • Nitin Ladwa
  • Rhiannon Lewis
  • Richard Palmer
  • Scout Burghardt
  • Sophie Frost
  • Sotirios Alpanis
  • Steve Norris
  • Stuart Prior
  • Tim Boon
  • Tristan Roddis