At 14.30–16.30 on 3 December 2021, the Heritage Connector project hosted a free, public webinar to share the findings from the project.

The webinar featured:

  • Technical overview of the project’s approach,
  • A set of demonstrators which have been developed by the project team and through a hackathon held with digital agency Cogapp,
  • Reflections on the project from a digital humanities and curatorial perspectives.


‘Heritage Connector Webinar Introduction’ - John Stack, Science Museum Group

‘Transforming Text into Data to Extract Meaning and Make Connections’ - Kalyan Dutia and Jamie Unwin, Science Museum Group

‘Digital Humanities and Heritage Connector’ - Professor Jane Winters, School of Advanced Study, University of London

‘Heritage Connector Hacks: Cogapp Hack Day’ - Tristan Roddis, Cogapp

‘Curatorial Reflections’ - Dr Tim Boon, Science Museum Group



Thanks to Rhiannon Lewis for organising the event; Sameena Allie for technical setup and support; Jamie Unwin, Kalyan Dutia, Professor Jane Winters, Tristan Roddis and Dr Tim Boon for presenting.